The Gaia Consortium

Research and Development Made Simple

“The Gaia Consortium is a research and development organisation with a primary focus on next generation machine learning technologies.”

Paul Davies, Head of Research and Development


The first research and development project that was undertaken by the Gaia Consortium related to machine learning which is the foundation of the company. The concept of Computer vision is fundamentally the scientific field that works with how systems can gain a high-level understanding from digitised images or even videos. Computer vision acquires, processes, analyses and generally learns to understand digital images, and in turn, extracts high-dimensional data with a view of producing numerical or symbolic information in the forms of simple decisions.

The project started in 2018 and continues today.


The Phloxx project is working with Generative Adversarial Networks to create machine learning models through convolutional neural networks. The aim is to create super-high-resolution images from a generator. The source of the network can be qualified inputs of varying resolution with the aim to create a generator that can fool the discriminator and generate super-high-resolution images.

The project started in 2020 and the research and development team has significant progress in the field from the foundations that Vizion laid. To find out more visit the site.


The Qiblo project focuses on next-generation quantum algorithms for machine learning. The teams’ primary focus will be integrating quantum algorithms within machine learning programs.

We have proposed a project start date of February 2022. Whilst this is a theoretical physics project we wish to lay the foundations for the future of The Gaia Consortium.